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Fun with Nose work scent training classes and trial prep for NACSW, USCSS, and Performance Scent Dogs

Competition Obedience and Rally training and coaching

Engagement and motivation for dog sports, supporting new teams as well as seasoned teams who are lacking in connection in the ring

Support and network with other local and national trainers

Workshops for nose work, rally, enagagement and motivation, animal acting

Half-day, full-day, two-day workshops (see schedule) for:

     Motivation and Engagement Training

     "Rally Success Workshops"

     Animal Acting

     Introduction to Canine Nosework Scent Games for Fun and Sport

     Connect Workshop - connecting as a team regardless of distractions

     Reliable recalls and loose leash walking

     Understanding canine body language and signals

Private sessions $38 per hour.

Travel fees: There is no travel fee charged for in-home training within a 10 mile radius of New Lebanon NY.  For appointments beyond 10 miles, travel fees will be assessed individually.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Based on training canine drug and bomb detection dogs, your dog first hunts for food treats, or a toy, and soon learns to hunt for Birch and other essential oils.

Every dog loves nose work. Nose Work gives your dog the chance to be a dog and use her/his strongest sense: the sense of smell.

Nose work is safe for ALL dogs: dogs work one at a time so there are never dogs interacting.

It's great for dogs who do other sports and pet dogs. It's great for worried dogs, dogs who worry about places, other dogs and people; great for very active dogs who can't seem to focus, and more. The drive to hunt overrides many everyday worries and allows you to truly connect with your dog as a team.

One of the best things about nose work is that you learn to really trust your dog.  Another big benefit is that your dog has to work hard and gets tired.

While many teams do this just for fun, there are competitions where you can earn  titles as well. Many of Peg's students have started just for fun and have gone on to earn titles and are VERY motivated.  Peg makes it fun and exciting!

 Peg offers:

 All levels of classes, trial prep, Odor Recognition Test classes, and more!

"Berkshire Sniffer Diego representing!